Roulette Strategies and Rules

How to play Roulette – choose the right strategy

Entertainment called Roulette, for a long time in the circle of fans of gambling has been considered the real queen of casino. After all, all players who know exactly how to play Roulette have huge odds to get not only pleasure and good mood, but also worthy winnings. The principle of this entertainment is very dynamic, exciting and completely unpredictable, which attracts a large number of new fans. The main elements here are a special rotating wheel and a ball moving in the opposite direction, the stop of which determines the outcome of a certain tour.

For everyone who wants to try their luck and try how to play Roulette at casino, there is now a huge number of specially designed sites, and you can also visit many traditional clubs. The main types of this entertainment are French, European, American Roulette, as well as the option without zero and Mini Roulette with 13 sectors. The virtual prototype of the game is characterized in that winnings are generated using a special program called a random number generator.

How to play roulette by the rules

To clearly understand how to play Roulette strategy, players must first familiarize themselves with the following simple rules for this entertainment:

  1. First you need to carefully examine the equipment. On the table bets are made on numbers, red or black, as well as even or odd.
  2. You need to study the internal bets: on any one number (Straight Up Bet), which brings a win of 35 to 1, on two numbers (Split Bet) with a win of 17 to 1, on three numbers (Street) – 11 to 1, on 4 digits (Corner ) – 8 to 1 and bet (Sixline) brings a win of 5 to 1.
  3. External bets are placed outside the number field and are: a bet on red or black with a win of 1:1, a bet on even or odd – 1:1, High (1-18) or Low (19-36) – 1:1, Columns Bet (three columns with 12 numbers) – 2:1 and Dozens Bet with a win of 2:1.
  4. You need to know that in American Roulette, cell (00) significantly increases the advantage of the casino. At the same time, the French version of the game has favorable rules (La Partage) and (En Prison), allowing players to lose only half of the bet.

During the game you need to be careful and track dealer habits, as well as the wheel itself, which can be unbalanced during the game. This will allow you to take advantage of the problems to your advantage when guessing possible numbers. After the end of the game, the dealer clears the table and pays out the winnings, and in the online casino payout is carried out using special payment systems.

Most popular game strategies

As long as Roulette exists in the world, does each player think about what brings luck, mathematical abilities of a person in the game or the implementation of certain actions? Yet experienced professionals always use the following strategies:

  • The Martingale system provides for betting on red or black. In this case, after losing, the bet must be doubled to a successful result. Then you can use a different color and act similarly. If the ball stops at zero, you need to double the bet on the color opposite to the initial one;
  • To decide how to play the Roulette strategy, when you can make big bets, it is recommended to use method 5 of 6. Here you need to bet on five groups and, if you lose, increase them exponentially;
  • According to the Biarritz system, a player needs to select a favorite number and bet on it 36 times. The method is quite risky, but brings good results;
  • There is also the Kyuban system, the method of columns and dozens, and the happy seven. All these strategies have repeatedly brought good luck to the players.

It must be remembered that it is best to play with money received from winnings, as well as carefully monitor your budget so as not to be left without a cent.

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